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there's no better place for your brand to be seen than online. but you have to get found first! we do that!

Amazon delivers over 1 billion items yearly. The Amazon business has helped millions of businesses grow beyond what they ever imagined. But, the question remains, how do you go about getting seen and growing your Amazon business? We've worked on the top 1% seller accounts on Amazon and know what it takes to succeed and grow, let us show you how. 

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That's a loaded question! In 2019, an estimated $7.16 billion USD were sold on Prime Day alone. Through Amazon's programs you can leave warehousing, packing & shipping in the hands of the world's largest online retailer. It's not unreasonable to expect massive growth, if you're doing it properly. We know how to do it properly, so let us show you.


new sellers yearly!

Amazon adds more than 100,000 new sellers every year, however, many don't get the results they were hoping for. There are a lot of small details that many miss and a a result, frustration leads to many of them leaving the platform. These situations can be avoided, only if you get proper guidance from a team that knows how to navigate one of the world's largest companies.

need a website too?

100%! If only it were that simple. Should you sell on your website or should it just be informational? If you're selling, should the price be the same as on Amazon? Where should you be driving your marketing dollars? And the list goes on. Let us help you put your ecommerce strategy inline with your Amazon strategy.

our approach

1. amazon strategy

Amazon accounts for more than 50% of all sales completed online. Already on Amazon and want to grow? Great! Need some help getting started, we can help! Let us help you put together a strategy that will increase your sales exponentially. 

2. advertising & marketing strategy

Advertising and marketing are the keys to your businesses success. This is where we can really help your grow. Small or large budget, we've worked with it all. We'll put your budget to work in the most efficient and productive way. 

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3. ecommerce strategy

We love online sales and promise we'll make sure you feel the same. Your ecommerce strategy will play into your overall Amazon success. Let us guide you on the ever evolving, ever growing, ever complicated online space. Let's see how we can make your business thrive together.


Hi, my name is Ryan Malfara. I've had the opportunity to do business around the world, but proudly call Toronto home. I love all businesses, small and large, but especially Canadian businesses. As a result of my passion for helping businesses grow, I launched get found. Because, I've launched brands online, helped brands grow on Amazon, and run $30 million+ brands, I know what it takes to grow your business. If you're looking to grow your business with a rebrand, increase online sales, or make your advertising dollars go further, we’ve got you covered. We've been through it all and can help. 

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